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Roseann Pelayo

Pilates Teacher


Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles.

Roseann Pelayo is a Certified Pilates teacher by PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).  She first learned about Pilates while studying dance in a ballet class at the University of California Riverside.  A fellow dancer corrected Rose’s posture during a workout.  

The correction (adjustment) made a huge difference in her ability to freely move her body, breathe deeply and feel the lightness of a dancer. It was a moment she would never forget. Rose earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Dance at UCR.


As Rose continued her dance training from Modern Dance to Street Dancing (Popping & Locking), Pilates enabled her to train and mend her body to overcome the tightness and pain of the strenuous movements required in dancing.

Gradually, Rose found herself wanting to understand more about the human body and muscle movement.  She decided to further her studies and became a Certified Massage Therapist through SOCHI. During that time she began Scolio Pilates Training by Karena Thek and learned how to help scoliosis patients attain better alignment and help alleviate pain and enjoy an improved daily life.    


The first step in Roseann’s program is an individual Assessment. Next, she formulates a plan to modify Pilates movements to best meet the needs and abilities of her clients.  She closely supervises each individual to make certain every move is done correctly. Rose loves her work and enjoys helping others.  


  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Dance at University California of


  • Certified Pilates Teacher by Pilates Method Alliance

  • Certified to train Pre-natal, Post-natal clients, Multiple Sclerosis Clients,

     dancers, teens and anyone willing to work hard in Pilates.

  • Certified to train clients on the Mat, Reformer, Jump Board, Wunda Chair,

    Core Align, Red Cord, the Cadillac/Trapeze Table and FitSprings.

  • Franklin Method trained provider along with being a Fletcher Pilates Certified

    trainer in Towel Work, Barre, and Floor.

  • Scolio - Pilates® Practitioner

  • Certified Massage Therapist from Southern California Health Institute


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